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Vol. 40 Núm. 80 (2023)
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María Victoria Lacaze, Thierry Molnar Prates, Rhafaella Karlla Costa Santana da Silva, Anderson Moreira Aristides dos Santos, Ivana Benzaquen, Nicolás Epele, Mariana Marchionni, Federico Favata, Gabriel Montes-Rojas, Guido Zack, Liana Bohn, Brena Paula Magno Fernandez, Pedro Gaite, Mariana Dondo, Benito Adelmo Salomão Neto, Cleomar Gomes da Silva, Fabio Gama, Suzana Bastos, Daniel Heymann, Ignacio Andrés Rossi

Códigos JEL: F12, C1, C31, K14, O10, I10, R41, J01, J64, B12, B41, B54, O25, O38, H22, E62, H2, H5, G21, O18, R11

Publicado: 2023-01-01
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